Oh my gosh Bula

My mind is racing. Boarding the plane at JFK to LAX with absolutely zero expectations for what was to come was the best decision my curious mind could have made. My anticipation for nothing has made everything that much more surreal yet unbelievably real at the same time. I’ve gone zip living through a Fijian forest, built by the hands of the man who taught us how to flip on the line. I’ve ridden a horse through a field of sugar cane, with a stalk of cane in hand. Delicious. I’ve helped to prepare (and eat) a meal cooked in an earth oven, played rugby, watched the sun rise over “sleeping giant” mountains while steaming in a mud bath. I’ve watched the sun set from the back of a truck waving and shouting bula (hello in Fijian) to everyone we passed. The best part, every Fijian shouted bula back with enthusiasm and joy! Through the winding Fijian streets, at 100 km/hr with palm tree forests to my left and the Pacific to my right, I’ve jammed in a van with a driver named Summit belting “Hotel California”, air guitar in hand, with my study abroad family.

Together, Anna, Chris, Fritzy, Laney, Alex, other Anna, Brittany, Kate and I flew to Fiji took a tour of a Hindu temple, played monkey in the middle beneath the searing sun with the children of our study abroad coordinators, adopted a pooch, ran up sand dunes, ran down sand dunes, lived in a village, drink Kava, and got food poisoning. In a hostel-like hotel room, one by one we each ran to the toilets (or pulled the nearest trash bin to our bed) and bonded in the best possible way people can bond. Following the torturous night, we boarded a canoe and took in the breathtaking view of the river ahead of us and land around us while holding down any leftover nausea. We felt so miserable that we struggled to enjoy a waterfall. But we had done it all, and more, in four days. In FOUR days. And we hadn’t even been to Suva, where our University is on the other side of the country.

While there are more memories to share, there are heaps more to create. Never stop exploring…

Loads of peace, happiness, love and sunshine (and a bit of rain showers) from Fiji.

Side note, photos coming soon…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ted
    Jul 19, 2014 @ 22:08:59

    Amy – you are a wonderful storyteller! We can picture you on the back of the truck exchanging Bulas with everyone! Thank you for sharing – Dad



  2. Sarah T
    Jul 28, 2014 @ 13:55:19

    Hi Amy
    What an incredible gift and adventure!
    Can’t think of anyone more suited to absorb it all than you!
    I am enjoying it vicariously!
    Be safe and have fun!
    Love Mrs T



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