from our eyes to yours

For the past twenty days my eyes have witnessed a new way of life. A lifestyle surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, joyful spirits, and unexpected adventures. Even when I pause for a quiet moment of internal reflection, I’m still itching to explore beyond the walls of my mind. There is so much to do, even more to see. On the bus this past Friday I met a man by the name of Howie Cooke. For three hours, Howie delved into the depths of his life, each story more fascinating than the last. One of Howie’s mantras, “there’s no time to do everything, enough time to do anything, plenty of time to do something,” is the truest belief I’ve heard regarding the time we don’t have to waste. For the past twenty days I have wasted no time. Join my ride and catch a glimpse of what I’ve seen…

10576958_10204546187163098_6326382198775204183_nOn July 8th at 11 pm we were strangers awkwardly introducing ourselves in the LAX terminal. On July 10th at 2:30 pm, on barely any sleep, we laughed, screamed and flew through the Fijian forests.



10489928_10204546216643835_9201536486550184374_nRide home from zip lining. The wind whipping our enthused faces and the sun setting right in front of us over the mountains.

DSC00133An exhausting 5 am wake up call on day 2 turned into the most relaxing morning on my life watching the sunrise from the hot spring and mud bath.

DSC00168Learning how to machete open a freshly picked coconut and failing miserably (but I still drank the delicious milk from the one Kevin perfectly split open).

DSC00178 Success.

10478676_10201885011001369_763981730480068078_n Potentially dangerous yoga pose a top an abandoned home looking over the city of Nadi and watching another gorgeous day come to an end.

1237488_10152619317085844_6943474893268465127_nHelping prepare kava after the traditional kava welcoming ceremony in the Vunavutu village.

10477050_10201893589655830_4990935766553018601_n Racing up the sand dunes right outside of the village.

10525911_10204546288045620_7402724409293539675_n Embracing every moment atop the dunes. The ocean to my left, mountains to my right, surrounded by mass amounts of beauty.

10492615_10152619321250844_407151990077385123_nEntertaining the children in the village with our “shopping cart” dance move. We may have had a bit too much of the drog.

DSC00322My host mama, Meme, Alex, and I turned breakfast papaya into art.

10513245_10152619325000844_7570452562305618150_nOur village family. So much love in one room.

10487389_10152619327300844_6981492732174093183_nThe morning after a treacherous night of food poisoning, boating down a river to a waterfall. We felt just as miserable as we look.

DSC00351Our first weekend trip to Namuka Bay Lagoon resort in Singtoka. A magical weekend with a sky full of the clearest stars, fresh fish prepared by the elegant ladies of the resort, abandoned rail road treks into the nearest town, mountainous waves crashing in the distance, and endless memories with the people who became my family in 20 enjoyably long days.


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