stay inside on a rainy day

He saw dreams through broken window’s edges.

A gesture lifted his gaze,

through the window’s edge, broken

he leapt.

I sigh for them. Ceaselessly ahead of time.

A marker left carelessly

to hold a place for them

has slipped.

She skipped chapters beyond

his loss of words

wrote to sing with her.

Fallen lines, he lost his place

to chase dreams.

Humming a familiar tune

she is deaf to

far to know.

I sigh for them. Ceaselessly mending against time.

Her gaze cut window’s edges;

breaking between frames.

A portrait for the tired

running dry.

Loosing time

but chasing, dreams

still escape her.

She lost direction tracing circles.

I sigh for her. Ceaselessly caught in time.

He found her

straddling the edge

between broken windows.

Dreams ran below

waiting for the other,

existing only for each other.

Dreams that never existed ran below.

He called across to her.

Dreamers silenced him.

She broke his words against the windows,

pain kept her dreams.

She broke his words and leapt

to rewrite,

to never be heard again.

I hold hope

for them. Ceaselessly in fear of time.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. shercher17
    Jun 02, 2015 @ 20:14:04

    Lovely Amy ~ Your peace & calm is in the big city.



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